Sergey Stoma

Grand Rapids, MI

(408) 771-5030


I'm a technology full stack generalist living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have been in the industry since 2000, and I have had an opportunity to experience a number of industries: entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, broadcast. I have helped clients to build solutions, stay current on trends in the marketplace, and innovate. I love software development and believe that most successful projects are created by people who have mastered multiple areas, and throughout my career I have built extensive expertise which includes UI/UX, design, programming, server administration, business development and strategy.

  • Web and Mobile Strategy
  • Web-based and Native Mobile Development
  • Font-end development
  • Rich Desktop Applications
  • Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS
  • Information Architecture
  • Enterprise Integration with SOA
  • Object oriented and service oriented software systems design and architecture
  • Technical leadership
  • Mobile stack: Apple iOS, Android, PhoneGap, OpenGL ES, BlackBerry WebWorks, jQuery Mobile, cross-platform or fully native
  • Windows technology stack: Win32/64, C/C++, .NET, IIS, SQL Server, Visual Studio
  • SharePoint 2007 & 2010
  • Open Source & Web stack: JavaScript, Node, Backbone, jQuery, Python (twisted/django), MySQL, NoSQL, HTML5, CSS3
  • Graphics & interaction technologies: OpenGL, WebGL, Unity, native graphics (Core Graphics)


Master of Science in Computer Science


Founder, Grand Rapids, MI

I have founded Under Clouds Games in 2007 to focus on mobile technology and embrace the passion to games and entertainment media. Under Clouds' projects, native and web based, have since been published on iOS, Android, webOS, and BlackBerry platforms, meeting critical acclaim.

I am the primary designer and programmer at Under Clouds. I have been among the first to use HTML5 as a platform for rich, interactive mobile entertainment apps, including innovative use of new at the time phone features (, and stayed on the frontier of HTML5 development since then.

Our projects include Spaceblip (iOS/Native,, Beamout (iOS/Native,, Flixi (Android/HTML5,, Harmonic Mobile (client: Harmonic, Inc, iOS/HTML5,

Software Developer, Grand Rapids, MI

Joined a team working on the next generation web-based legal compliance documentation management and generation software for the U.S. financial industry.

Architect, Grand Rapids, MI

Architect, leading areas of web and mobile development, and full stack, front-end and back-end application developer responsible for numerous enterprise and consumer facing applications. My responsibilities included technical oversight over multiple projects, strategy definition, participating in entire software design process including scoping, design & architecture, estimation, and development.

I have played a key part in creation of the new Spectrum Health mobile patient portal application MySpectrum Mobile (, released in 2013 on iOS and Android platforms. I have contributed to overall enterprise mobile stragegy, both internal and consumer oriented.

I have helped to design and engineer widely adopted employee facing tools, including community blogging tools, expense reimbursement system, Intranet implementation, migration tools; supported numerous applications; lead software quality improvement initiatives and provided mentorship in the area of software development; built internal support tools; architected and implemented SharePoint 2007 and 2010 farms with a number of deep customizations.

Software Engineer, Grand Rapids, MI

Responsible for front-end development efforts for the next generation broadcast scheduling automation, television content and workflow management systems.

I have created several trade show application prototypes, featuring some innovative user interface concepts. Designed and developed parts of user interface for the television content management system, which included an automatic layout system that greatly reduced the time necessary to create data entry forms while taking care of localization idiosyncrasies.

Implemented front-end editor and monitor for the scheduling automation system, which allowed easy near real-time broadcast schedule editing with a single video frame precision, practically up to the point of airing, if hardware would allow that.

Software Engineer (Consultant), San Jose, CA

I was responsible for development work on front-end and back-end aspects of manufacturing execution system, which controlled experimental hard drive magnetic head production processes at Hitachi's (formerly IBM's) San Jose site, with further deployments at Hitachi manufacturing sites worldwide.

Together with the team, designed and developed high performance platform using Web Services on .NET Framework.

I have been personally responsible for designing and developing extensible data extraction interfaces, which allowed fast and error-free client applications' evolution through all of the development process.

Designed and implemented multiple service applications to constantly monitor and perform business logic tasks, developed efficient resource management and time scheduling, including server monitoring software, which reduced production line downtime by 80%.

Software Engineer, Minsk, Belarus

Responsible for support and maintenance of proprietary GIS technology middleware.

Created DB isolation layer library (mini-ORM), which allowed to transparently switch existing C++ GIS application between IBM DB2, Oracle, and SQLBase databases.

Junior Programmer, Minsk, Belarus

Created an isometric interior 2.5D rendering engine for a prototype of automatic interior pathfinding system under rapidly changing conditions like fire and flood on ships.

Developed a visualization engine to show a progress of CNC milling machine operations in real-time 3D graphics, for which I used original algorithm by Laidlaw, Trumbore and Hughes, and adopted and optimized it for iterative CSG operations to prevent huge numbers of triangles from being generated during iterative operations.